|KAILI'S VLOG|牙齒貼片親身體驗全記錄

|KAILI'S VLOG|牙齒貼片親身體驗全記錄

To share with you the ceramic tiles I made recentlyCeramic patches are one way to whiten teethJust stick the patch on your teethCollect some questions that netizens want to askI will use my own experience to answer for youActually it is not possibleBecause teeth are the most important substrateYou have to take care of the grassroots insideSo that I can attach the external patch againCan eat anythingIt ’s just that the tooth patch is just a bit weaker.Do not eat food that is too stimulating or too hardBecause I myself had sensitive teeth beforeSo after the patch is still a little sensitive,What about ceramic tiles?We will takedifferent anglesBecause in fact we have to analyzeOther than positive45 degrees on any sideThen look at some facial features on your faceCoordination with teethGood backLet ’s do some pronunciation check and testBecause we actually make patchesMainly have functions in addition to aestheticsYou need to be able to speakAnd then be able to eatWe have to take into accountYou feel your own teethWhere you are satisfiedThese places may beWhat we don't want to change during the production processSeems to be fineWhat do you meanJust pretty satisfied, right?I said there does n』t seem to be a favorite placeIn the second one, we are going to returnI think the color is quite yellowthenIt seems quite open to meYou mean it's open when you biteSo did you find it when you took a photo?

Nothing i found nowThe third question isHave you seen anyoneHe smiles. You like it.I like the pictures on some toothpasteNext upNext step we are going back hereWe want to take photos in the mouthThen after the final photo is taken we will perform a full scanThere will be 3D modelsThis is the file you can design laterHere's what you said to us last timeLike some faces on toothpasteI worked very hardThis is Park Shin Hye, right?Our designed toothWe will reprint this modelLet's wait and press on your own teeth with simulated materialsThen we look at it like thisThis is a simulated modelThe shape or the proportionDo you have any adjustments?

Now we can all discussLet me show you the teethIs a reduced versionAll rightIs to cover it one by oneThis is the trial stageStick it up a littleI finished my ceramic patchIf you have more questions about ceramic patches, you can contact the doctor privately.


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