梅根愛用#2│二月愛用品分享 ( 含牙齒美白貼片使用心得 ) February Favorites 2017│Megan Zhang

梅根愛用#2│二月愛用品分享 ( 含牙齒美白貼片使用心得 ) February Favorites 2017│Megan Zhang

Hello everyone, I'm Megan, today's video is my February favoriteFirst of all, thank you very much for your support for my last month of love suppliesIf you guys still like this video, let's continue this unit!Does anyone notice that my hair has been cut short again?If you have followed my social media, you should already knowThen if you are a new friend, my hair was slightly longer before, and it was probably a little bit under the shoulder.Then I went to cut it off this week so now it's a short hair againAlthough every haircut seems to be the sameBecause I 』m all black, and I 』m in the middleBut I think the shape I cut this timeSeems like .

is . it seems a little different from beforeBut I think after cutting, it seems that there can be more different changes in style!Like I can become bored in a second nowLike thisWhen I do n』t laugh, I look like a very tired person.JustI really thought thatHey ~ I hate the world!

Haha!Ok then we get into the topicFirst up is CLIO's Light Mirror Down Feather LipstickThen I will have this one from Dani.When I first went home and opened this lipstickWhen I saw its color a little scared, I wanted to sayWow! How does this lipstick look so pink?

I use it for youIt looks like a bit of phosphorIt doesn't feel as fluorescent as it does on the lips after rubbing itIs a very pale pink colorAlthough it says the name is lipstickBut I think its texture is quite similar to lip glazeI think it's suitable for work or daily makeupThen I think its durability is in the middleI do n』t say it ’s just a drop, but I do n』t even say it ’s difficultSo I really like this oneNext is Bio-essence's magical brightening serumThis bottle was recommended for my sisterAfter using it, she couldn't help but tell me to hurry and use it.Because I have n』t used any oil-based skin care products beforeI was worried that it would not absorb wellI ended up using this bottleNo such problem at allJust one drop at a timeCan be rubbed on your whole faceBecause its ductility is very goodAbout 30 to 40 seconds after using it, my face can almost completely absorb it ~After getting up the next morningI just watch my faceIf you do n』t look at it, you feel right at firstWow! My skin looks like baby's assEspecially these two pieces are where there is a lot of meatYou will feel that your face looks specialI feel like collagen is bornI feel that my cheeks are tenderThen I have mixed skinI use this bottle without any greasy problems at all so I highly recommend itThis bottle is for dry skin or friends with mixed skin like meYou can tryIt uses that absorption really(Nodding) Very good!Next is Crest 3D White Whitening Teeth PatchThis dental patch has been shared with you since my last American bootyAfter i boughtI really keep getting private messagesEveryone asked me what the effect of this dental patch is ~ How's it going?

So I 』ve spent about two months nowToday I am going to share with you how my experience isLet me talk about my own situation firstMy teeth are not whiterMany people say that wearing braces will make your teeth yellowI have worn it twiceAnd what about my eating habitsEveryone says coffee, tea, curry that stains your teethThose things I have never been afraid ofSo basically, my tooth is really not a very white toothThen everyone is most concerned about whether it will turn white using this patch.Then I use it personallyI think it will really turn whiteBut its white has a limitLike i have spent more than two months nowI think it's as tight as it is white.Like one of my incisors is denervatedIs the one on the leftSo it ’s actually darker than the tooth on my right.Like my teeth are actually a few steps higher than beforeBut it has no way to make it white like the white teeth you see abroadTheir teeth are really "white"It ’s definitely a lot of work for their teeth to make it intoSo fair colorI think in terms of its effectI am quite satisfiedBecause I was n』t in the mood to buy itIt can make me buy with a big white toothI just held it and said, "If it can make my teeth a little whiter,I feel quite happyBut the point is that if you run out of this patch, you can make your teeth look like a star of a toothpaste advertisement.

I'm not sure if it will let you achieve this effectBecause my own teeth are yellowishSo it ’s white now.Maybe if your teeth are whiterUse this to go to the next levelMany people are also worried about whether they will become sensitive after using this tooth?Then the method I use myself is to cut each tooth patch in half.Stick to my teeth againSo it means that it does n』t cover my whole teethIt's only in the outer rowBecause I check it online, some people say that only half of it is postedTeeth are less sensitiveI will use it myselfIt ’s actually not so much a problemThen when I use this patch, my teeth will be sourApproximately 6 to 8 hours after useDuring that time, I was actually sleepingBecause I use it before bedtimeSo when I run out, I feel the sorenessIt is acceptable to meIts sourness makes me feel faintIt won't say that you are sore and unacceptableI feel like uh!

Very uncomfortableI do n』t think so, but it does have a seedHmm .. is that you will have a kind of mind in mindIt's sour ~ It's sour ~ It's sour ~But you feel acceptableBut after 6 to 8 hoursThere is no such problem at allI eat, drink, eat ice, eat hot food.No acid!

Not at allSo I think if you are looking for this patch to try it outMay have to measure to see how your own pain status isBecause everyone ’s teeth are really differentAlthough I do n』t feel it after 6-8 hoursMaybe some people will cause you long-term harmThat really varies from person to personI ca n』t say that my condition can be included in the feelings of all peopleBut I checked it online and I didn't see anyone saying it was completely painless.Everyone says his pain is acceptableOr some people say that it hurtsSo I highly recommend everyone if you want to buy thisFirst go online to see everyone's experiencePrepare yourself after reading various casesThen think about whether you want to buy this dental patchBut what I want to say first is that my teeth are yellowSo what? Don't just say thatOops, my teeth do n』t seem to be confident without being very whiteOr dare not laughBecause I think whether the teeth are very white, this thing is actually the result of human manipulation.I believe no one is born with white teeth like black toothpaste.

Go back and think about all the friends around youIs anyone's teeth really white like the movie star?If not, it means that this thing is not "normal" at all.Why do you feel inferior for something that is not normal?Or feel like my teeth are ugly or somethingI believe like primitive people, they should never think about whether their teeth are very white!

?The reason we think of our teeth turning whiteIn fact, they are all businessmen or interested peopleThey create a lot of things to make the teeth whiterLet's think about our aesthetics咦 Tooth white is a good thingThat's why we slowly pursue to make our teeth appear whiter as possibleIt ’s best if your teeth are white as if the flash would blind your eyesBut I believe that if a very iconic person in the worldFor example, um . Beckham is goodIf one day he is in front of the mediaHe showed a row of yellow teeth and saidI think the teeth are very yellow! Yes!

Handsome!Do you believe in the world now?Whether it is a businessman or a dentist, they will start to researchHow to make your teeth yellowThis is actually what we are thinking nowWill always change with some thingsLet's not be one to talk to others咦 Your teeth look a little bit yellowBecause I do n』t think this is rudeIs your teeth yellow or white? What's wrong with you?

Why are you talking about thisBecause if you 』re familiar enough, I think it ’s okay to say OK.But if you do n』t know each other very well,Some people really say something unintentional because of youAnd feel hurt if this happens to be his fatal injury pointHe will feel that my teeth are really yellowThey will look down on themselvesSo let ’s not be someone who can say such thingsDon't comment on others because of their appearanceFriends who really love you no matter what you doWill they all still love you? ^ _ ^Accidentally pulled too far let's move on to the nextThe next thing is this one behind meThis pillow ~~~~This is my new pillowcase I bought this monthI bought this in icolorIf you watched my last episode of Daiso Shopping, I would say that I love shoppingWhat about this pillow case, it only costs $ 49I think its color looks great ~Is very basic stripesBut it has only one sideYou know it ’s only one sideIt comes in black and white. I bought it in white.

I think it's so pretty ~ I see it in my chairHmm ~ I feel pretty goodBut its material is not goodIt feels a little roughAfter all, it ’s only $ 49. Do n』t pursue so much.And I did n』t buy it to rely on my face, so I think it ’s okay.I just want to lean against my chairIf you go to icolor, you can check if this pillow case is availableIf you think this pillow case is goodI think about it .

type "I love stripes" in the message area belowIf more than 30 friends leave a message like thisI'll go buy a few more and I can give it to everyone at the next draw!Here comes thisThis should actually be my all time favoriteI like to drink this instant coffeeI am a person who can drink instant coffeeI'm not the kind to say that I don't drink instant coffeeI drink ~ I love to drinkLike this one its name is called "Kampo Instant Cappuccino White Coffee"Everyone can recognize this packageThis coffee powder has been from my auntieI think it ’s delicious!It's sugary coffee, but it's not very sweetIt tastes a bit like sugary Latte (latte)But the coffee taste is not that heavyIt's very appetizing for me!If you are interested, you can buy it if you pass by ~The last thing is huge againYes .

this ~ (laughsIt's a massager that massages shoulders and necksBecause I 』m actually a person with uncomfortable shouldersMaybe because I use it for a long time every time I use my computerSometimes it might take 12 hours to cut a videoI just got up to go to the toilet and have something to eatIn addition to that, I always stay in front of the computerSo it always causes my shoulder to hurtJust faintly, it's going to hurt here, you know?I just feel that I feel uncomfortableEspecially when I get up in the morningSince my dad bought this and came backI will get a little massage when I get up in the morningI think that it really has a soothing effect on the shoulder and neckOf course I did n』t say it was as comfortable as massaging outside peopleBut I think it ’s pretty goodIt has a switch like i turn on nowYou see it starts to buzz ~ It has different strengthsThis massager can actually press your really sore seatBecause you can just move itJoe like me can press down on my leftThen just turn it and it will massage that placeIt won't be as humming as some massagers are only at fixed pointsIt will feel like it has a machine that rubs your shoulders like thisSo I feel quite comfortable talking about thisThe point of the massage is really pressedOr you can put it on your back or even your waist to see where you want to press it.I'm so stupid (shaking his headIt is a new milestone. Take out the massager on the Internet.

But this is really comfortableBut my dad bought it on TV.I check the Internet again to see if there is a link to itIf you find it ""If everyone has something to say, a word of happiness !?If you are interested, you can find a massager like thisOr if you 』re both parents, your shoulders and necks are also sore.

You can consider giving this to themI believe they will be very happy!Anyway ~ that's all for February february todayDon't forget everyone if you like this pillowcase tooJust leave a message "I love stripes" belowOr you can leave a message below and tell me that my new hairstyle looks goodI don't think I can blow it up yetBecause it ’s about the third day after I cut itI don't seem to be able to blow it to now like I just cut my hairHair stylist helps me to look goodThe photos I put on Facebook and InstagramJust looks differentIt looks different from me in front of the cameraI do not know why it has to be like thisOK, I hope everyone likes today ’s videoPlease help me if you like this videoIf new friends have not subscribed to my channel, you can click the window next to itCheck out my previous videos if you want to join my channelClick the button here to subscribe to me whether you use a mobile phone or a computerSee the latest videos at 8 o'clock in the evening on Wednesdays and regular Fridays every now and then!That's it. See you in the next video ~~~



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