As the saying goes, "Students have been studying hard for ten years, and they have become famous all over the world."

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Donna 3 2021-04-30

First: Dancheng Yigao

Dancheng County First Senior Middle School, Hong Kong universities referred to as "Dancheng Yigao", is located in Dancheng County, Zhoukou City, Henan Province, and is an exemplary ordinary senior middle school in Henan Province. It is a powerful county-level middle school and has been in the county for 7 consecutive years. The first-level middle school has a very high reputation. 80% of its students come from rural areas, and there are many left-behind children. They all carry the dreams of countless ordinary families to change their destiny. Through their own efforts, they have achieved great advantages on the college entrance examination battlefield. Many people say that it is "the gospel of Hanmen".

Although Dancheng Yigao's facilities and education and teaching conditions are incomparable with many famous schools, it has created amazing results under difficult conditions, and has trained a large number of outstanding graduates for Henan and the country. The annual college entrance examination has about 40 Each student was accepted by Tsinghua University of Peking University, even the provincial champion still fell into the high rank of Dancheng City, and had to be proud of it. Today, Handan No.1 Middle School has become a dream hall for students, and is on the road of better and better development. , Expect it to create better results.

Second: Qidong Middle School

Qidong Middle School is located in Qidong City, Nantong City, Jiangsu Province, on the northern bank of the Yangtze River and on the shores of the Yellow Sea. It is a national demonstration general high school, the first batch of four-star schools in Jiangsu Province, a model school in Jiangsu Province, and an advanced school in moral education in Jiangsu Province. study in Hong Kong Good key secondary school.

Although Qidong Middle School is not very famous at the earliest, it has achieved very good results in the Olympics in the 1990s. It has won the international awards of the Olympic Games for many years and has become a county-level middle school that is as famous as Huanggang Hengshui. Trained a large number of students with excellent results in the Olympic Games, so the college entrance examination rate is also very high, the undergraduate admission rate reached 99.7%, so many students entered Tsinghua University, but as the popularity of the Olympic Games faded, plus the college entrance examination Reform, Qidong Middle School seems to have retreated from the rivers and lakes, and has gone downhill, but it is still a strong middle school in Jiangsu Province.

Third: Maotanchang Middle School

Maotanchang Middle School is located in Maotanchang Town, Lu'an City, top universities in hong kong Anhui Province. It is an exemplary ordinary high school in Anhui Province. Every year, the school has tens of thousands of people to participate in the college entrance examination, the scale is large, and the rate of progression is very high, but it is also good every year. Thousands of students with poor learning foundations have signed up for re-reading, so they have been called the "Asia's largest college entrance examination factory" by the outside world, and they have realized their undergraduate dreams for many failing seniors, which is a paradise for reviewers.

The above are the top 3 county-level middle schools in China introduced by Mr. Xiaojiang. Although they have poor teaching conditions, they are very strong. Most of the students who have a high rate of progression are from rural children. They can rely on their own Thanks to our efforts, we have achieved excellent results and were admitted to Tsinghua Peking University.