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Emily 14 2021-06-10

Since the researchers first appeared in Antarctica in the early 19th century,People have always wanted to learn more about this mysterious frozen continent on the edge of the world.Many major discoveries have been made since the 20th century. Antarctica has been called a mysterious land legend.In the thick layer of ice here, how many secret and mysterious stories are hidden?
Let's watch the videoDon't forget to click on the mystery 兮兮 avatar subscription in the lower right corner 喔 The video starts 3 seconds laterAncient meteoritesIn 1984, a team of American scientists discovered potato-sized meteorite in Antarctica.Inferred that this meteorite landed on earth about 13,000 years agoScientists estimate that this meteorite formed on Mars about 4.5 billion years agoWhen NASA scientists used a scanning electron microscope to observe rocks in 1996The above seems to contain fossil samples of ancient microorganismsThis discovery can prove that there may be biological activity on MarsSlender skullArchaeologists discovered three skulls in an area called La Paille in Antarctica.The strange thing is that these three skulls do not seem like human skulls, slender foreheadsThey are hailed as the first human remains discovered from Antarctica but are aliens?Archaeologists were surprised when they found it and they could not believe it.
But this slender skull is not only in Antarctica.These slender skulls have also been found in Peru, Egypt and other long-established areasAccording to historical studies, the feminine foreheads of ancient civilizations are relatively high and related to social status.Such findings indicate that it is possible that civilizations in Africa, South America, and Antarctica were connected by the millennium ago.dinosaur fossilIn the mid-1980s and early 1990sDiscovered some reptile fossils that once ruled the earth in AntarcticaEstimated to be about 71 million years old, most of them are fossils of ancient marine animalsSuch as the Plesiosaur or Cang Long, these appeared in the Jurassic world of films in recent yearsBut larger fossils need to be moreScientists believe that organisms can survive because the temperature at that time may be 50 degrees higher.
The Antarctic environment may have been the best place for living creatures at the time.Snow PyramidIt was first discovered by the British Antarctic expedition team in 1910-1913.This discovery has puzzled scientistsReminiscent of what might have been created by an alien civilization or AtlantisIf you can find from Google map coordinates 79°58'39.25"S 81°57'32.21"WAccording to the study, these pyramids are even older than the age of the Egyptian pyramids.Some people think that it is a structure formed after natural erosion and weathering.
Or is it an ancient mountain or a glacier corner? What do you think about it?Red waterfallAustralian geologist accidentally discovered red waterfall in Antarctica in 1911This scene is very unusual. People at that time really thought it was Taylor Glacier.
Scientists originally thought that this was algae, but it was not confirmed.New research finds that abnormally high salt concentrations in lakes trapped under glaciersBecause the salt condensation point is lower and releases heat when frozen, the glaciers melt and make water flowOnce in contact with the oxygen in the lake, the iron-rich brine in the lake will also oxidize, resulting in a red waterfall.WreckageIn January 2010, an expedition in Australia discovered a wreckageIt doesn』t look like the airplanes of recent years, it’s quite oldThe study found that the aircraft was built in 1911 and was an early human aircraft designIt was also the first plane in human history to reach Antarctica.At the time of the first test flight, pilot Mawson used a single propeller to accidentally fall.
Mawson dismantled the wing and transformed the fuselage into an ice drag device before it was discarded in the Antarctic.In the 20th century, researchers discovered a number of long-frozen aircraft wreckage in Antarctica.However, they failed to find the wreckage of this historic aircraft and have finally found it.Centennial WhiskeyNew Zealand expedition discovers a couple of hundred-year-old whiskies under the Antarctic ice in 2009In the snow-covered Antarctica, there is actually a century-old wine.
Is this a mysterious event or an activity?In 1909, Irish explorer Shekton led an expedition to the poles of Antarctica.They failed because supplies were exhausted. They buried a few boxes of whisky in the ground ice before leaving.
This was once the best whiskey in the world, but the recipe was lost.The winery sponsoring this expedition said that if they can find these 100 years of whisky successfullyThen the winery can re-develop and manufacture, claiming that the best whiskies will reproduce the century-old flavorMystery creatureThe American expedition discovered this creature in the ice depth of 675 meters deep in Antarctica.The size of this mythical creature is about 20 cm. It has a two-centimetre retractable jawAccording to the sharpness of teeth, it may be carnivorous and belongs to deep-sea creatures.
This finding was added to the list of animals that have not yet been scientifically approvedThis adds to many mysterious mysteries in AntarcticaFrozen boatBritish researchers are preparing for a missionIt is to find the ship of the Antarctic explorer Ernst Shackleton in 1914This ship is currently frozen under a thick layer of ice somewhere in Antarctica.It is estimated that in 2019, it will search for the frozen ship - Shino, which is sleeping 3,000 meters below the sea level in Antarctica.When Shackleton led 27 crew members to take the ship through AntarcticaWeavers were trapped by drift ice in Weddell Sea and the expedition had to abandon the ship.Cross over 800 miles in extreme conditions to seek rescue and eventually lead the entire team out of dangerIn history, this ship will become a legendFinding it this time is an impossible task and is considered an ultimate challengeGiant tunnelHow many secrets are hidden in this vast South Pole?
British scientists discover a giant tunnel beneath the Antarctic ice in 2014The height of this tunnel is almost as high as the Eiffel Tower (820 feet)The radar and satellite photos from the aircraft show thatIce ridges and caverns on the surface of the Antarctic ice sheet show tunnels at the bottomThe researchers originally thought that the meltwater flowing under the ice sheet would flow shallowly and widely.However, the data shows that this is likely to be the result of ice melting under the ice shed, and the flow of water flows under the ice.From the land to the sea, this flow is like a river, and finally it forms a giant tunnel.However, the reason for the construction of a giant tunnel still requires more investigation and evidence.
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