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Eve 2 2021-04-30

Hello everyoneI am in boston nowI'm in the hotel roomReady to stay here for a monthSo I want to take a room tourAnd i have released everythingBecause it ’s longerSo I want to live comfortablyI am using a big cameraI hope .Hope it won't shake too muchAnd here is the main entranceThere is a door hereThere are twoHave this ironing boardAnd you can hang clothesHanging clothes on the other sideAnd I'm sorry I'm using Menu Setting nowProblems with focusThe toilet is on the right when you go inI have arranged everythingSo it seems like a lot of things are messySpeaking from hereI spend a lot of time at homeWill also have a chargerBecause I often watch youtube videosOr listen to musicSo the phone often runs out of powerSo you need to chargeIf i don't charge like thisI will hang this lineBecause I'm always afraid of electric shockBe carefulI put the sweeper hereI brought four sets of dry powder brushesTen sticks wet powder brushBecause I have a total of sixI have this . toothpasteI also like toothbrushes in their hotel cupsTo hereSpeaking from thisMy usual cosmetic bagPack sunLipstick rouge everything hereI won't talk about them one by oneOtherwise this video will be very longSee Shiseido's cotton next to itI brought the full size hereBecause it stays longerIf usually go for shorter tripsTravellingI usually use the evening at this timeDaytime skincareI won't talk about them one by oneOtherwise it ’s really longI have this bag packed hereCan be hookedI can see that I have no placeMessy hereActually, I'm afraid the things I bring will leak outPacked into compact bagsShower Gelright hereNot heard of this brandMask and eye maskThere are some here tooBrought many different kindsSee when to use whichI have another towel hereCushion because these are face wash makeup removersSo often it gets wetThis is a towelAfter this women's productsIs the brand that I usually useno place for alwaysplace it hereAnd I like to put away the toilet board.Because i heard a flushWill rush to the ceilingSo i always get him togetherBefore flushingTo hereJust oneThe bathroom has a mirror hereActually I look bad nowSo I'm not in the mirrorI put someI brought my bathing suppliesSee this john masters shampooI have repurchased many timesIs a deep cleansing shampoovery usefulAnd after usingHair will grow betterAnd will be a bit healthierNext to it is female soappH value is more suitableThe last tank I saw was a hair maskOpen itMoroccanoilHave repurchased many timesAnd there are two clipsI don't need conditionerI use hair maskClip upCan take a bathStay in hair for a whileHe has soap is hotel soapThis showerLet's go out slowly nowAnd there are bathrobes hereYou can also leave a message to tell me that I think this videoHow is quality because of me .
Filming with this big camera for the first timeBut also fullThere is a full-length mirror hereI won't shoot meThat's it there is a case hereActually when he bought it, he saidIs red and turns yellowBut forget itCome here laterYou can see that everything is lined upAlready arranged, let ’s talk about it hereI release my usualBags in use nowIs this chanelplace it hereBecause you go out near the doorAnd then the cameraIs my Canon G7x cameraCan't see that capIs the sony camera I am using nowIf I were not filmingI will put thereBecause I forgot to take it outBecause notSo forgotHere are some pastry cakesJust boughtI just went to eat two sausage bagsBroken ringAnd two more cupcakesAnd there are two egg tarts insideemergen c because I feel a little sickTo hereAlready arranged my bagsOf course you have to wear clothes when you travelI set it like thisCan't see he has two luggage racksLocationBecause this luggage on my other sideOne side is thinnerSo it can hold upI brought a total of sixteen bags on this journeyNot one by oneBut they are all lined up hereI put it like thisBecause luggageHave an ironSo if you put it like this, it will be unevenAnd brought two card holdersOne chanel and one LV can't see itAnd I keep pressing the button to focusThis place is for clothesHave some pajamasDoing sportsAll clothes are hereAnd i put these on itBecause there are some underwearThis side is what I said thinCan't see a tablejustActually these are shoes bagsWhen i travelWill use the shoe bag provided by their brandGo put themBecause if not useActually wastedHere is chanel tote for boardingHere is his throneWant to talk about this luggage tagI bought it onlineIs specially madeBecause my name is on the other sideI do n』t have the address.Because of privacy issuesBaggage is really thrownI know it's possible to add this brandMay still throwBut it feels more secureThere is a glue hereProtectHere is a strapLike a beltGo strapping like a beltI also added a chanel ribbonBecause I want to be specialI can do it because sometimes the suitcase looks almost the sameThis is easier to recognizeAnd i have this luggage beltClasp this suitcaseBecause this suitcase is olderThis suitcase was at least ten years agoSo the design is not as stiff as the new onesThere the zipper .Have tried bursting beforeSo use this luggage strapWill be saferActually a little pantingBecause this camera is heavyLet me talk about this tooHave a luggage tagExactly the sameCustomized by the same companyAlso addedThis suitcase is newNewerSo no need to add this luggage beltAnd I missed it hereHave a toteWhat books might go to schoolCan use thisBecause I do n』t want to use my bagUsually the bags are smallCan't put anything and don't want to hold itTurn from the throneHave this refrigeratorPut some cola food of his ownI rarely eatUnless really hungryI will eat itAnd there are also places to put your feetShoesThe shoes are already neatly arrangedFifteen pairs of shoesI wo n』t talk about them one by oneSee the red one has a pair of socksI wore it on the plane just nowAnd just got off the planeSo take a picture nowThis room tourBefore messing with this roomAnd also talk about this suitcaseIs my carry on suitcaseSome sunglasses insideToothbrush boxSomething fragmentaryAnd can you see that luggage tagthe same alspThere is a hot eye patch hereIs on the other side of the bedI might show the scenery outsideTake another photoAnd my things are listedHere is okayBecause I usually do n』t go hereI will walk to the other side of the bedIt's a floor-to-ceiling windowCome closerVery chill belowIs a place for some chairs to restAnd I'm not sure whyIs it a glass problem?A bit fuzzyThen you can see the oppositeAnd I usually put down the curtainsI want to make a little bit of film nowTurn here nowIs my bedI put on a set of pajamasActually after I finished this videoI can't wait to sleepBecause in fact I'm tiredGet off the plane todayThere is a desk over hereBadly need this deskGo homework there is a pictureLet me talk about the deskI packed upI brought two computersBecause there is a big computer at home .
Use in this roomSmall computer is used in classBecause my class is about codingComputerSo need two computersI put a computer bag on itCamera ChargerThere is also a power bankPlus this is aAir freshenerLast boughtBut haven't taken it apart yetBecause it was later discovered that it was a paper towel problemCause nasal sensitivitySo it hasn't been taken apart sinceSo first researchSeems like $ 50 to buy on AmazonIs one: open for youIs a very simple designVery small for travelThis brandHe put the bottle on itSo the whole is very smallSeems like . yesDeflate hereInsert a bottle of water over thereTo hereI put my hatMy journey here has beltBecause I really like to useBought at amazonMany friends askedSeems to be around twenty yuanSuper convenientSometimes lazyDo not want to use sunscreenI have to remove my makeup because of sun protectionSo this is convenientAnd I usually stick the pads hereI haven't posted it nowBecause it's not used nowBecause these are usually not washedSo if you stick a female padIt will be much betterDoes not cause acneContinue hereAlmost finishedCan't see the teapotThey are good from the hotelAnd there's a microwave here tooAnd there are refrigeratorsThere is no need to add moneyThey know i will live some timeSometimes it ’s not freeSome hotels may charge per nightBut it's freeI have fork appliances hereInsert hereBecause I should be here oftenI thinkThere is a way to goThat's itLet me have a 360 degreeWhat do you guys think of my camera technologyForgot to shoot hereVery tired hands are really doing sportsNothing to see hereIs an.Forgot to say that this one I live in is a tail roomSo no neighborsvery goodAnd i don't mind living in the tail roomBecause i know there may be friendsWould be afraid to live in the tail roomBut i don't careBecause it's actually betterMany times the tailhouseIs largerAnd no neighbors on the other sideAnd you can see meThere are two windows, and here againThere tooOk this video is doneHope you like itIf you like, remember to like itFollow my channelFollow me on instagramsnapchat and facebook twitterGood bye


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