【 特工 DIY? 】2019 IKEA必買 TOP 10 500元下 ↓ 必買單品?/爆買攻略? EP: PILOT

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Diana 43 2021-04-11 综合

Hi everyone, welcome to Agent HarderI'm WILSONAs an IKEAComing today to recommendThen let ’s introduce them one by one.INTERIOR RANGER IncorporationThis is the first one to recommendEurope ~ LACK(Uncontrolled editor)You want to record me: 3You go away!The first thing we would recommend is thisLACK side tableThen its price is very cheapYou see 299After thatA small table often used in dormitoriesFriends can come on itPlay majiangCan eatSuper easy to use derThen we will haveㄜ ~ DIY projectWas transformed with this tableStay tuned !!
!Then the secondThis is also good, and I like it a lotAnd this can be picked upThe second recommendation is this(鏘)what is this calledTray tableHow to read it?GLADOM tray tableGLADOOOOOOM?You have to be a little bitterGLAAAAAADOM or somethingOk then i'll tell the dog to teach youJust this one is also goodRemodeledtableWhether it's paintingOr get a mirror hereIt will become very advancedYes ~This is also the future, not the future, orProbably our third episodeThere is a project for this transformationit is goodWaiter servingEnd plate!
Serve the side dishes!Serving !!!
(Good CUE)It can be disassembledit is goodSo you can put your breakfast on itAnd brought it into the roomput it downReady for breakfastAnd the point is that he can take it down and wash itI think it can be easily removed and washedCan also be used to hit someoneㄜYou can paint it into Captain America's shieldShield !!!OK fineㄎ ㄎMental retardation(Block bullet)(Block bullet)(Block bullet)Okay, thank youThat's it for our showNo laYou go inYou go in(Pull up)唉 Lack of strong breasts, I came to peek at you to take a shower?
Oh by the waistFRAGRIK MugMust buy goodsEvery time I come to see himYou might sayOh! So cheap!Then you put him in your shopping cartThat's really usefulAnd it's cheapSo many colorsHave..
blueTiffney blue ~And greenOk then let's take one back todayWhat's wrongWow, sorry, we are now at the end of the monthI have finished eating in the refrigerator at homeLike XiaoxinjiaThis is one of our chopsticks29 piecesFRAKTA shopping bagI also bought several????
??Every time I forgot to bring a shopping bagWill bring this backSecretly tell you a secretIt's downIt has become 25 soon. Why?
No, it's different25 blocks isIs flatOh you want to be party29 is thisOh ~~~It ’s easy for you to do laundryIt still has that kind79 piecesThis is also goodthis isTake clothes to dry, laundryJust use this outfit, you can also mentionAwesome derWow this is usrecommendedChop one of the goodshanger59 piecesHave...(Calculating)10So one is only 5.9Good mathEvery time I come to IKEA, I bring one homeThen we take it backWhat is this hook ?
???Hook that .
SchoolgirlDress straps ?It can be hooked and won't slipIt will slip off when hooked hereYes ~~~hen easy to useAh how did you put it back?唉 to 齁Put in shopping bagAdd to cart?This is so prettybuy!
!!Carry home todayNeuropathyThis is every time I comeInvoluntarily put it in the shopping cart?Also one of the chopstickswhat is it call?
Please estimate Miss Dog to read itBASTIS Fleece StickHair stickTidbitsHere is its supplementvery usefulRecommend thisMOPPE storage boxIt also belongs to the basic seriesPaint well(Put away)After thatOne episode is teaching everyoneChange itDIY itOk then let's take one homeIt should be said that this series is the cheapestThe cheapest RIBBA series photo framesOh here, hereThe cheapest is 99 yuanTo the largestThis is not the biggest, the biggest is over thereThis is the middleMore than 600 piecesWe recommend this series of framesIt has a high CP valueAlso nicely decoratedIt will look like . (find)(Find)WhereUnprofessionalIt will look like thisIt's minimalist designA black box with white edgesSo that you can frame whatever you wantMake a simple home decorWe are going to Japan in two days.Help my classmates arrange his dormitory spaceWe will use this productThen stay tuned for usJapanese decorative specials come outWait a minute ..
meThe senior is looking for you .This is one of the ones we recommendIBSTED carpetIt only needs 499 yuanIts color is grayPerfect for every roomWalking on tiles will not cause cold feetThen if you have a little more budgetWe can buy thisBlack and whiteShort wool rugGORLOSEIt is also a very good matchHow does this support work?You can imitate its postureNo i don't?Imitate its pose?
This is also recommendedThis is itIt ’s perfect for DIY.FIXA tool seriesHave this geckoThen there are some .tape measureAnd a spirit levelWow this is also recommendedThis is anti-wearAnti-wearThen hereIs our equipmentThe best deal isIs a screwdriver 379 yuanYou want to drill thatBasically this isCan do some small woodworking DIY can be usedBut if you spend money on tuition todayYou have 500 yuan today?You can buy this 890More lessonsYou can equip upgrades?
?Upgrade again???
This can be drilled to the wall, the cement wall is drilled downCan drill to the neighbor next doorIf you live right next to .Today's video is hereThank you everyoneAfter watching the first film of Hard Trick AttackAny ideas or suggestionsWhat kind of transformation do you want to seeWelcome to leave a comment belowAgent videos are updated weeklyLike friends welcome to subscribe to usLike to sharePlus open the little bell belowRemember to follow usFacebookAnd INSTAGRAMThere will be the message we created first handBai Bai ?You say it again唉 this hasShark headCockatoo headLooks like a frog headThis one..
? X head



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