【消委會】3款沐浴露曾被驗出二噁烷超標 長期使用或致癌

[Consumer Committee] 3 shower gels have been tested for dioxane exceeding the standard for long-term use or carcinogenicThe Consumer Council announced the test results yesterday (15th) and found that shampoos containing dioxane exceeding the standard were sold.After reviewing the information, the Consumer Council last year detected three shower gels containing dioxane, which was higher than the safety level recommended by the EU SCCS.Dong Houyi, director of the Hong Kong Medical Association and a dermatologist, said that the use of shampoo containing dioxane by the public can cause redness, swelling and itching in the skin in the short term, irritation of the eyes and the respiratory tract, causing symptoms such as 「eye drops」 and trachea sensitivity. More opportunities to cause cancer, remind the public to be careful not to choose.
"Hong Kong 01" is following up with the Customs to check whether the dioxane-exceeding body wash is still on the market.Wanning (first from the left), Fresh (second from the left) and Neutrogena (first from the right) three bath products were detected with dioxane exceeding standards last year.(Photo by Zhong Weide).The Consumer Council spot-checked 60 shower gels in June last year and found that more than half of the 33 samples contained pollutant dioxane.
The NEUTROGENA Rainbath Refreshing Shower and Bath Gel, Fresh Brown Sugar Bath & Shower Gel and Wanning Organic Brown Rice Aloe Soothing Shower Gel "has a dioxane content of 16ppm, 13ppm, and 11ppm, all of which are recommended by the EU SCCS for a safety level of 10ppm.The Consumer Council conducted chemical tests on 60 types of shampoos and found that dioxane was detected in 38 samples. (Photo by Jiang Zhizheng) As shown in yesterday's survey, a total of 38 samples of 60 types of shampoos on the market contained dioxane, accounting for 60% of the total. The dioxane content was between 12 and 24 ppm.
Milky Beauty Moisturizing Anti-Dandruff Shampoo "is about 1.4 times higher than the European Union's recommended level, and the silky and smooth anti-dandruff shampoo, which belongs to Helen Xiandu Silk, is 0.8 times higher.The Consumer Council added that dioxane is not a raw material for cosmetics, but a pollutant that may be produced during the production process. Due to the volatility of dioxane, the absorbed dose after skin contact will be reduced, and the time of contact with the skin during shampooing will be short. , I believe that under normal use, it will not pose a security threat to consumers.
.Dermatologist: It is safest to stop. However, the director of the Hong Kong Medical Association and dermatologist Chen Houyi said that short-term exposure and use of dioxane may cause irritation in the eyes and respiratory tract. Red veins or watery eyes may also cause cough and sensitive trachea.
He said that the US Environmental Protection Agency has defined dioxane as a carcinogen that may cause cancer. Studies have shown that if prolonged exposure to dioxane, it may cause cancer, especially liver, kidney and nerve function.Related Articles [Consumer Committee] Reveals "silicon-free" shampoo does not clog pores Myth Expert: Silicon is difficult to stay on the scalp [Consumer Committee] No dioxane, preservative, shampoo is flat and non-toxic ? [Consumer Committee] 7 shampoos with dioxane exceeding EU's recommended level.
Helen Xiandu Silk exceeded the standard. "Hong Kong 01" asked the customs whether the dioxane-exceeding body wash was still on the market. A customs spokesperson only responded. Alleged that according to the test results of the Consumer Council last year, the shower gels containing dioxane were in compliance with the requirements of the Mainland's "Cosmetic Hygiene Regulations" (2007 edition), so they were deemed to comply with general safety regulations.
The spokesman continued that under the Consumer Product Safety Ordinance, it is an offence for anyone to import, manufacture or supply consumer products that fail to meet general safety requirements. Offenders can be fined up to 100,000 yuan and imprisoned for one year for the first conviction, and up to 500,000 yuan and imprisoned for up to two years. .The 01 newsletter encountered injustice, abuse of power, and even reassuring things.
Readers are welcome to provide the newsletter. Hong Kong 01 is absolutely confidential.

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