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Angela 1 2021-04-30

Hello everyone Welcome back to DCMStore todayIt is up to us to conduct technical analysis of this citizen model whichCC3038-51E This one is not belonging to the GPS satellite family which is the mostCitizen I want to tell them the prices have really fallenSuffice it to say that this is the moment to get an hour out of this familySatellite prices on the Internet actually fell very very good featuresThey are watch run square stainless steel see that plays in toneIonized black See one polished black shades and shiny new dialTotally black with a beautiful inscription All indicators in cobalt blueNice to make it look so stylish as I mentioned the request he had onThe cap has a very good beautiful pattern they have luminous in the darkHands and satellite minutes away 40 time zonesA perpetual calendar and this one is also importantDay of the week index, day of the month, movement, ecological drive, indexThe power reserve comes with a scale, 150 and a counter metal crystalReflective water resistance of 100 meters and a square measurement of 44 mmBe beautiful this model as I said this is the latest thing that just arrivedFamily satellite network and prices they absolutely do not believe this isThe moment to get an hour out of this family we measure a square from 10 to4 hours and we see there are 44 millimeters of square size very well let's measureNow the tapeIt is 22 cm long and I love this model we makeApproach now to see in detail the beauty of this model and we startedSee the anti-reflective mineral crystal also rejects the light stronger thanIs to wear a cap that I always love them at all timesCobalt blue tones are the precious well the beautiful inscription ofCover as mentioned by the family the most advanced satellite waveHe has a citizen who left almost five years ago and the prices are overFrom very very accessible instant to get one if you haveThe idea of ​​having this technology in your life handsSee all indicators for regions of the schedule or time that is 40 regionsIt is located at 3 o'clock in the sun days we see on weekdaysThe power reserve indicator coverage tells us that it is contractsGPS satellite familyI love the design I am very tried to get oneAgain repeat the prices are already very very accessible we come to broochCitizen recording two buttons open back cover with technical data that we areGive the citizen a watch as this caliber we find useful onlineI love the design, see the ribbon how it goes, and how heavily it goes into the boxIntegrates very wellIn this case you already knew us from the S&M dot net, pleaseLook for us online and this watch includes a 775 year warranty moreBig market with helpful and Eco Drive box which I'm going to go hereQuicklyWell three points I want to comment the number one is that please search for itA discount coupon on our page is for you to achieve better pressureIf you don't, send me a comment and another one will post this sameHalf of the next points we make begins to express all of this Mexico wantsSay that when you spend your next day you have the hour in your lifeThe title and the last point is that our page was set up withPayment methods are safer in my world. What does this mean for us?Hundreds of customers outside Mexico in Europe, Asia, Oceania, Africa, America, DelNorth America We have hundreds of clients outside Mexico and it is very simpleThis is because the watch is locked to reach your country and addressI hope you liked this video Please give it a share like with all yourPeople do not forget to follow us in our networksSocial The most important thing is that you click this button to subscribeFor our channel and you can see our new videos are everything for today and wesee you soon

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