網絡賺錢|免費獲得比特幣的網站怎麼快速挖礦教程在家挂機賺錢(中英點CC) free bitcoin mining sites without investment 2019

好 ok歡迎再次回到我的YouTube頻道 Welcome back to my YouTube channel again大家都想去賺更多的錢 Everyone wants to make more money.最好是能夠賺一些 It is best to be able to earn some比較值錢的外幣 Comparing valuable foreign currency比如說像美金 Like the dollar或者是瑞波幣 Or Ripple再或者是歐元 Or the euro再或者是比特幣 Or bitcoin如果大家想要知道 If everyone wants to know怎麼樣免費的賺取比特幣 How to earn bitcoin for free一定要記得看到視頻的最後面哦 Be sure to remember to see the end of the video.因為在我視頻的最後面 Because at the end of my video我往往會給大家分享 I tend to share it with you.一些我自己的經驗 Some of my own experience或者是一些網站的資源 Or some website resources還有博文 There is also a blog post等等 and many more所以大家一定要看到視頻的最後面哦 So everyone must see the end of the video.
如果您是第一次來到我的YouTube頻道 If you are coming to my YouTube channel for the first time那麼我的頻道主要是給大家介紹 Then my channel is mainly for everyone一些最新的網絡賺錢方法 Some of the latest ways to make money online怎麼樣 how about it快速的在線賺錢 Make money online quickly如果你喜歡我的視頻 If you like my video或者是喜歡我的頻道 Or like my channel可以點擊視頻下方的訂閱按鈕 You can click the subscribe button below the video.同時開啟旁邊的小鈴鐺提醒 Also turn on the small bell next to it這樣每次我有新的視頻發佈 So every time I have a new video release你就可以在第一時間 You can be in the first time看到我的視頻了 I saw my video.我記得在上一期的視頻裏面 I remember in the video of the last issue.有給大家介紹過 Have introduced it to everyone一個免費賺比特幣的方法 A free way to earn bitcoin大概就是這麼一個視頻 Probably just such a video不知道大家 I don't know everyone有沒有去看這個視頻 Have you seen this video?
就是這個 This is it這麼一個網站 Such a website這個網站需要去下載一個瀏覽器 This site needs to download a browser這個瀏覽器可以打開它 This browser can open it最後去掛機 Finally go to hang up甚至你什麼都不用干 Even you don』t have to do anything只需要你電腦開機的時候 Only need your computer to boot注意把它打開就可以了 Be careful to open it.這個網站鬧過一個笑話 This site has a joke也就是昨天嘛 That is yesterday.突然這個提現的壞了 Suddenly this withdrawal is broken.一下子提現了好多比特幣 I have cashed in a lot of bitcoins.
大家可以看下我的郵件內容 You can see my email content.提了這麼多 Raised so much然後瘋狂的提現 Then crazy withdrawal差點就得到一個比特幣了 I almost got a bitcoin.提了這麼多 Raised so much但是今天早上起來就回到原路 But get up this morning and get back to the original road.一分錢都沒有 No penny應該是他們網站 Should be their website出現的一個問題吧 A problem that arises可以去看一下 Can go and have a look這個郵箱裏面 Inside this mailbox就這一封 Just this one我提現了三次 I have raised it three times.
第一次是提了 The first time was mentioned0.05比特幣 0.05 bitcoin最後又提了一個 Finally, I mentioned another one.0.049 0.049最後提了一個 Finally mentioned one0.01 0.01我就睡覺了 I am sleeping.因為我覺得它不會白送我 Because I don』t think it will give me away.肯定是出問題了 It must be a problem.
所以我沒管他 So I don't care about him.沒想到還真的是 I didn』t expect it to be really那麼今天 Then today我想給大家分享 I want to share it with you.另外的賺比特幣的方法 Another way to earn bitcoin只需要你去註冊一個網站 Just need you to sign up for a website就可以自動的幫你去賺比特幣 You can automatically help you earn bitcoin這個服務器已經運行了78天了 This server has been running for 78 days.總共提現了五十一個比特幣 A total of fifty one bitcoin was withdrawn註冊的用戶數有三萬多個 More than 30,000 registered users這下面就沒有什麼其他的了 There is nothing else under this.
點擊這個註冊 Click here to register或者是點擊 Or click這個 This one就會跳到這個界面 Will jump to this interface那麼進到這個註冊頁面以後 Then after entering this registration page他需要你去填寫用戶名 He needs you to fill in the username.還有你的郵箱 And your mailbox你的密碼 Your password還有你的國家 And your country下拉框中選擇一個你自己的國家 Select a country of your own from the drop down box這個網站有時候打不開 This website sometimes can't open有時候它的運行速度非常慢 Sometimes it runs very slowly大家需要去刷新一下 Everyone needs to refresh有點耐心 a little patience最後點擊註冊 Finally click on registration就可以註冊一個帳戶了 You can sign up for an account.那麼註冊完成以後 Then after registration is completed你會回到這個界面 You will return to this interface這個界面就是你的面板 This interface is your panel也就是這個值越大 That is, the larger the value表示你的速度越快 Indicates that your speed is faster還有下面這個 There is also the following是什麼意思 What means下面這個是 Here is this別人通過你的邀請連結 Others pass your invitation link然後註冊最後 Then register last得到的這個額外的速度 Get this extra speed他說 He says你每天大概可以賺這麼多比特幣 You can earn so many bitcoins every day.就是你註冊以後 Is that after you register就可以把這個網站給關掉了 I can turn this website off.
也不用做什麼其他的 Don't have to do anything else它自動就開始運行了 It starts running automatically大概每周可以賺這麼多 I can earn so much every week.大概一個月 About a month可以賺到這麼多比特幣 Can earn so many bitcoins這麼多比特幣大概等於多少呢 How much is this bitcoin?我帶大家去看一下 I will take everyone to see it.0.018 0.018對吧 Right[輸入中.
] [input.]你大概可以賺1172人民幣 You can probably earn 1172 yuan.就這麼多 that is all然後一個就是 Then one is這個賺取的hashpower This earned hashpower賺取的哈希能力 Earning ability to earn我現在是沒有的 I don't have it now.我總共提現的比特幣是0個 The total amount of bitcoin I have raised is 0也是沒有的 There is no怎麼樣去看到你自己 How to see yourself?
專屬的推廣連結呢 Exclusive promotion link我在這裏面去給大家標記一下 I am here to mark it for everyone.就是這個地方 Is this place點擊referals Click referals就可以看到你的邀請連結了 You can see your invitation link.就是這一串 This string同時 Simultaneously他也給了很多這個廣告圖啊 He also gave a lot of this advertising map.如果你自己有一個網站 If you own a website或者是說你有其他的一些方式 Or that you have other ways你可以把這些圖片 You can take these picturesGIF圖 GIF map我只是說這個 I just said thisHTML代碼放到你的網站裏面 Put the HTML code on your website效果也是一樣的 The effect is the same所以根據自己的情況 So according to your own situation我賺取的哈希能力 The hash ability I earn現在是0個 It is now 0我現在還沒有推廣給任何的人 I have not promoted it to anyone yet.
最後介紹一下 Finally introduce關於怎麼去提現 About how to withdraw cash它的提現是有門檻的 Its withdrawal is a threshold你必須至少邀請一部分人 You must invite at least some people你才可以去體現 You can reflect同時它提現的最小金額 At the same time, the minimum amount it withdraws好像是0.0003比特幣 It seems to be 0.0003 bitcoin我現在是還沒有達標的 I am still not up to standard.但是我可以去嘗試提現一下 But I can try to cash out點擊這個地方 Click this place就是提現的界面 Is the interface that is cashed out這裏要輸入你提現的金額 Enter the amount you withdraw here.可以輸入一個0.0001 Can enter a 0.0001對吧 Right這裏填上你的比特幣錢包地址 Fill in your bitcoin wallet address here.如果大家不知道 If everyone doesn't know怎麼去得到一個外幣的錢包 How to get a foreign currency wallet那麼一定要記得 Then must remember去看一下我之前的視頻 Go and see my previous video.
就是這一個 This one得到你的比特幣錢包地址之後 After getting your bitcoin wallet address點擊這裏的編輯 Click here for editing最後把他填寫進來 Finally fill him in然後點擊保存 Then click save一定要把這個勾選起來 Be sure to check this打開 turn on我的地址 my address填寫的是正確的 Filled in is correct最後點擊確認 Finally click to confirm 180 00:06:14,100 --> 00:06:14,000 確認以後 Confirmed later他會給你彈一個警告 He will give you a warning因為你沒有達到提現 Because you have not reached the withdrawal最小金額的要求 Minimum amount requirement也就是0.0003比特幣 That is 0.0003 bitcoin再或者是 Or maybe你沒有去推廣給其他人 You didn't promote it to others也就是你必須要把你的連結 That is, you have to take your link分享給其他人 Share with others至少有一個人 At least one person通過你的邀請連結來註冊 Sign up with your invitation link才算完成這個任務 Only to complete this task你才可以提現 You can withdraw cash這個網站的網站連結 Website link to this website我已經放在下方的視頻描述裏面 I have placed it in the video description below大家可以去看一下 Everyone can go and have a look如果你想知道更多賺錢的方法 If you want to know more ways to make money更多賺比特幣的方法 More ways to earn bitcoin那麼一定要點擊視頻下方的訂閱按鈕 Then be sure to click the subscribe button below the video.這樣每次我有新的視頻發佈 So every time I have a new video release你就可以在第一時間 You can be in the first time看到我的視頻了 I saw my video.那我們下期再見 Then we will see you next time.拜拜 Bye bye


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