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好 ok歡迎再次回到我的YouTube頻道 Welcome back to my YouTube channel在今天的視頻裏面 In today ’s video我想教大家怎麼樣去利用 I want to teach everyone how to use這個聯盟營銷程序 This affiliate marketing program去賺取一些被動收入 To earn some passive income去賺取一部分佣金 To earn some commission並且操作非常的簡單 And the operation is very simple也不需要去投資一些錢 And do n』t need to invest some money或者是投資一些其他的東西 Or invest in something else只需要你有空閒的時間 Just need you have free time在任何地方都可以去操作這麼一個 Can operate this one anywhere非常簡單的項目 Very simple project那麼在這個視頻裏面 Then in this video我會給大家一步一步的去講解 I will explain to you step by step怎麼樣去操作這個項目非常的簡單 How to operate this project is very simple如果您是第一次來到我的YouTube頻道 If this is your first time on my YouTube channel我這個頻道主要是給大家介紹一些 My channel is mainly to introduce you最新的網絡賺錢方法 The latest ways to make money online如果你喜歡我的視頻或者是喜歡我的頻道 If you like my video or my channel可以點擊視頻下方的訂閱按鈕來訂閱 You can subscribe by clicking the subscribe button below the video來訂閱我的YouTube頻道 Come subscribe to my YouTube channel這樣每次我又最新的視頻發佈 So every time I release the latest video你就可以在第一時間看到我的視頻了 You can see my video the first time那說到這個聯盟營銷到底是一個 When it comes to this affiliate marketing,什麼樣的東西 What kind of thing相信大家或多或少都已經聽到過 I believe everyone has heard more or less可能有的觀眾不是很清楚聯盟營銷 Maybe some viewers are not very clear about affiliate marketing指的是什麼那就 What do you mean打個比方用搬瓦工這個平台 For example, use the platform of a bricklayer其實說白了就是 In fact, to put it plainly你跟這個平台去建立一個合作夥伴的關係 You build a partnership with this platform註冊完成以後你可以申請一個 After registration you can apply for one聯盟營銷的連結 Affiliate marketing links那麼你就可以得到一串 Then you can get a bunch屬於你的推廣連結 Your referral link就像我們平常 Just like we usually租房子去找中介 Rent an agent然後中介幫你去找房源對吧 Then the agent helps you find a place, right?其實這是一個很形象的比喻 Actually this is a very vivid metaphor並且是完全正確的 And it is completely correct那麼他會給我們這樣一個聯盟營銷連結 Then he will give us such an affiliate marketing link如果其他的用戶通過這個聯盟營銷連結 If other users follow this affiliate marketing link也就是我們專屬的這個聯盟營銷連結 Which is our exclusive affiliate marketing link進來註冊並且 Come in to register and進行購買了 Made a purchase這個時候你就可以得到一部分的佣金 At this time you can get a part of the commission比如說通過我連結進來的訪客 For example, visitors who come in via my link單單的訪客 Single visitor有200多個 There are more than 200然後通過他註冊的有10個用戶 10 users registered through him這個轉化率大概是4.69% This conversion rate is about 4.69%可以看到我在這個2019年10月份 You can see me in this October 2019到三月份 Until March一共產生了50美元的收入 Generated a total of $ 50 in revenue並且我沒有去做太多的事情 And i didn't do too much只是把這個連結分享一下 Just share this link就這麼簡單 It's that simple他現在提示我好像又可以再去 He now reminds me that I can go again收11美元的佣金 $ 11 commission上次我提現過10美元 Last time I withdrew $ 10那就提現一下 Withdraw itSubmit Submit成功 successOK,那麼我現在已經提現了21美元 OK, then I have now withdrawn $ 21應該到我的PayPal賬戶去了 Should go to my PayPal account其實你們營銷就是這麼簡單的一個事情 Actually your marketing is such a simple thing接下來就介紹我們主要的兩個網站 Let ’s introduce our two main websites第一個就是quora The first is quora這個跟國內的知乎是差不多的 This is almost the same as domestic knowledge有點像一個 Kind of like大型的問答網站 Large Q & A site就是去提一些問題回答一些問題 Is to ask some questions and answer some questions並且這個網站的流量非常非常大 And the traffic on this site is very, very big我們要好好利用這個網站 We need to make good use of this website另外一個網站就是 Another website is這個我不知道怎麼念啊 I do n』t know how to read this我之前已經介紹過這個網站 I have introduced this website al.ly這是一個短連結生成的網站 This is a short link generated website並且如果你通過這個網站去生成短連結 And if you go through this site to generate short links別人點擊短連結會顯示一段廣告 When someone clicks on the short link, an advertisement is displayed這個廣告的一部分收入會 A part of the revenue of this ad will進入到你的賬戶 Enter your account但是前提是你必須要先去註冊 But the premise is that you must first register先去註冊然後把一個連結粘貼到這個裏面 Register first and paste a link into this就可以得到一個短連結 You can get a short link非常簡單 very simple你要做的事情只是把這個短連結 All you have to do is put this short link讓更多的人去看到 Let more people see更多的人可能去點擊它 More people may click on it那麼具體怎麼樣去做 So how to do it specifically就 on回到這個網站 Back to this site就拿這個搬瓦工來說 Take this bricklayer因為我現在正好有這麼一個現成的例子 Because I happen to have such a ready-made example我現在是這麼一串連結哦 I have such a series of links now當然搬瓦工主要是賣VPS主機的 Of course, tile movers mainly sell VPS hosts.
所以我可以在這個 So i can be herequora裏面去搜索 search inside quoraVPS hosting VPS hostingVPS hosting VPS hosting去找一些問題 Go find some questions比如說這個問題 Like this question什麼是最好的VPS主機 What is the best VPS hosting那我們可以點進去看一下 Then we can click in and take a look對吧 Right你可以在這裏面去回答他的問題 You can answer his questions here但是如果你不知道怎麼樣去回答 But if you don't know how to answer可以利用谷歌 Can use google我們可以搜索 We can search. .那我們得到這麼一部分搜索結果以後 Then we get such a part of the search results可以看到這裏面寫的比較好的一些文章 You can see some of the better articles written here這個好像打開比較慢 This seems to open slowly換一個 another網絡有點慢 Network is a bit slowHosting Hosting你看他這裏面介紹的這個連結 Look at the link he introduced here一般都是帶有聯盟營銷連結哦 Usually with affiliate marketing linksBluehost Bluehost我們可以複製這裏面的一段 We can copy this paragraph比如說就bluehost吧 For example, bluehostBluehost他也有一個聯盟營銷程序的 Bluehost also has an affiliate marketing program大家可以去註冊一下 You can go to register這裏我只是演示 Here I just show那麼直接粘貼過來 Then paste it directly複製一下 Copy it然後點擊回答 Then click answer改一改 Change然後我們可以把這個長連結 Then we can put this long link做成一個帶有廣告的短連結 Make a short link with an ad也就是利用這個 Is to use this短連結工具 Short Link ToolOK就是他了 OK is him但是我這裏是演示我沒有賬號的 But here I am demonstrating that I have no account所以如果你自己要去用的話 So if you want to use it yourself必須要先註冊 Must register first註冊以後這個錢才會到你的賬戶 This money will go to your account after registration我這裏面就直接生成了 I generated it directly hereOK OKshorten shorten得到這麼一串連接我嘗試去訪問一下這個連結 To get such a string of connections i try to visit this link這個連結是帶有廣告的 This link is with advertising他會先彈廣告然後才會進入到真實的連結 He will play the ad before he goes to the real link也就是你剛才粘貼的那麼一長串 Which is the long string you just pasted搬瓦工的聯盟營銷連結 Affiliate Marketing Link for Bricklayer把這個地方的連結換一下 Change the link to this place換成你這裏的連結對吧 Replace it with your link here, right?但是如果這個網站 But if this site對 Correct這個短連結平台不太友好的話 If this short link platform is not friendly,你可以直接把這個 You can just put this推廣連結放上去 Promotion link put up就不要用短連結去生成了 Don't use short links to generate但是如果你想賺更多的錢 But if you want to make more money那麼你放上去沒有關係 Then it doesn't matter if you put it on對吧 Right那證明我直接點擊添加 That proves that I clicked directly to add這個連結就被改變了 This link was changed然後點擊回答這個問題 Then click to answer this questionOK OK那麼現在所有看到這個問題的人 Then everyone who sees this problem now就可以看到我這麼一條回答 You can see my answer所以你可以儘量把這個回答寫的長一點 So you can try to make this answer longer據我的經驗 In my experience這個網站喜歡內容比較全的回答 This site likes more comprehensive answers所以你儘可能去谷歌找一些好的文章 So you go to Google as much as possible to find some good articles然後粘貼到這個地方 And paste it into this place去解決他們的問題 To solve their problems中間可以插上一部分的賺錢連結 You can insert some money-making links in the middle這樣就可以為你自己帶來一些收入 So that you can bring some income for yourself可能還有的人 May still be比較喜歡cooking Prefer cooking甚至還有的是這個fitness There is even this fitness跟這個減肥健身相關的 Related to this weight loss fitness你可以在YouTube頻道上面去找一些視頻 You can find some videos on the YouTube channel比如說 For exampleFitness FitnessMarshall Marshall進行搜索 Search你需要把這個最熱門的視頻搜索出來 You need to search out this hottest video觀看量最高的 Most viewed我們點進去 We point in我們只需要去拿到他這個連結 We just need to get him this link在這裏面去生成一個短連結 Generate a short link in itshorten shorten不等了 Not waiting大概你拿到短鏈這之後 Probably after you got the short chain複製一下就可以了 Just copy it複製一下我這裏可能出現了點問題 Copy me there may be a problem here我們生成的短連結複製 Copy of the short link we generated粘貼進去 Paste in當然我這裏由於有些問題 Of course I have some problems here這個沒生成 This is not generated我就懶得驗證了 I'm too lazy to verify大家一定要拿到那個短連結 Everyone must get that short link並且可以在這裏面去多加一些文字去搜索 And you can add more text to search跟減肥健身相關的博客文章 Blog posts related to weight loss and fitness然後儘量把這個篇幅 And try to put this space增加的長一點 Increase longer在這裏面去插播這個短連結 Insert this short link here這樣的 Such效果會比較好一點 The effect will be better那麼今天的視頻就到這裏 So today ’s video is here感謝大家的觀看 Thanks everyone for watching希望這一期視頻對大家有所幫助 I hope this video is helpful to everyone如果按照這樣的方式 If this way只要你堅持下去理論上你是可以賺得一定的 As long as you persist, in theory you can make a certain amount被動收入還有一些佣金的 Passive income and some commissions感謝大家的觀看我們下期再見 Thanks for watching, see you next time拜拜 Bye